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We Are Dawson-Trained Dentists

You can explore your options from many dentists in the area but only some doctors have completed training from the highly revered Dawson Academy. Dawson doctors have completed advanced training programs in a certain specialties and have hands-on experience to treat a number of conditions. If you are suffering from TMJ pain, sleep apnea or need to undergo a full mouth reconstruction, we invite you to experience the Dawson Difference at our practice!

Treating the Root of the Problem

Many patients end up receiving care from dentists that do not diagnose, or even look for, the underlying problem. Dawson doctors are trained to detect underlying causes so that we can resolve the root of the problem, not perform single tooth dentistry. We work hard to ensure all of our patients receive a comprehensive treatment plan that treats underlying issues.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Our Dawson doctors are trained to assess complex bite problems that patients may not even be aware they have. If you are suffering from jaw pain, have TMJ disorder symptoms or your teeth are wearing down because of a teeth grinding habit, you may need to undergo an occlusal adjustment to restore proper bite function. We perform a thorough TMJ evaluation before creating your treatment plan.

Our doctors will create a ‘blueprint’ of your mouth and map out an end goal. We focus on detailed treatment planning ahead of time so that nothing is left undetected. This ensures lasting results with all types of procedures we perform and no backtracking during treatment. For every patient case, we first simulate the treatment, perform the procedure and then complete the process with final restorations.

Dawson Doctor Specializations

By receiving treatment from one of our Dawson doctors, you will benefit from having the root of the issue resolved so you are not suffering from related issues consistently after treatment. Our doctors have completed advanced training and education in the following areas. Many of these problems are connected since they involve the bite and the jaw:

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Orthodontics
  • Occlusion
  • TMJ Disorder
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Sleep Apnea

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Mike K. Patient Review

Mike K. Shares His Experience

During routine check-ups, Dr. Stang realized that there was some unnatural wear that was on my teeth, and recommended a nightguard. I mentioned that I had migraines as well and he said the nightguard could help that as well. Since I've had the nightguard, when I wake up in the morning it seems like my jaw and my mouth is not so tensed up and I do see a difference in the headaches as well.
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