Root Canal in Westminster, CO

Save a Compromised Tooth with a Root Canal

A Root Canal Doesn't Have to Hurt

When somebody says they are getting a root canal, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you started thinking about painful drilling, a long dental visit or even surgery, you are mistaken. Getting a root canal is actually a relatively simple procedure and very few patients experience much pain or discomfort. A root canal can save your teeth and protect you from painful and costly procedures in the future!

Myths About Root Canals

Many patients are misinformed about root canals and mistakenly believe that this is a costly and painful procedure. For many people, this is simply a fear of the unknown. A root canal does not involve taking the tooth out by the root or performing any type of surgery. All we do is clean out the infected tissue and canals before filling the tooth canals. This strengthens the damaged tooth and then we cap the tooth with a crown.

The Root Canal Procedure

Our skillfully trained doctors at Standley Shores Dental Group have performed many root canals over their careers and can handle even the most complex cases. You do not have to fear getting a root canal because the procedure is very simple and we also offer sedation dentistry if you need it. We can alleviate many symptoms of an infected tooth, such as pain, swelling and discomfort, in just one visit.

Root Canal Cost

Some patients end up delaying a root canal because of cost and worry about the financial side of treatment. It is important for patients to know that any future damage from neglecting root canal therapy will be much more costly than getting treatment now. It is an investment in your oral health and we can save your teeth from further damage and more costly treatment.

Timely root canal treatment can protect and preserve your natural tooth so you do not need a tooth replacement or other extensive dental procedures.

If you are suffering from tooth pain or are concerned about a tooth, schedule your appointment with us today.

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Marti P. Patient Review

Marti P. Shares Her Experience

It was an old crown that I had from years back and the root needed a root canal. When the root canal didn't take place, I had a fistula, which is an infection underneath the crown. As soon as they recognized that, they extracted the tooth right away. I was on antibiotics for a week and then we consulted about what the next step would be. We opted to replace it with an implant, and it's been wonderful.
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