Sedation Dentistry in Westminster, CO

Look Forward to Stress-Free Dental Visits

Don't Let Your Fear Control You

If fear of pain or discomfort is preventing you from going to the dentist, you may be missing the opportunity to take care of your oral health. Let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams with stress-free dental visits. We work hard to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible and offer sedation dentistry to help you feel calm and relaxed. Patients who have difficulty getting numb easily or those who have had a bad dental experience somewhere else can benefit most from sedation dentistry.

Customized Sedation to Fit Your Needs

We understand every patient has a different level of pain tolerance and some are more sensitive than others. We offer several levels of sedation dentistry to suit each patient’s needs and fears. Our goal is to ensure every patient enjoys a pain-free dental visit. This helps you keep up with your treatment plan and get the procedures you need in a timely manner. You can start looking forward to, not avoiding, those dental visits.

Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Our doctors are trained to administer all types of sedation and work with Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) when needed. We offer:

  • Local anesthesia
  • Oral sedation
  • Nitrous oxide
  • IV sedation

What to Expect With Sedation Dentistry

Patients who have been delaying or neglecting dental visits for years, and those who might need more complex procedures, can now see a dentist regularly. Sedation dentistry makes dental visits just a little more manageable. Take care of your oral health without stress, anxiety and fear!

Many patients do not even remember their visit with sedation dentistry since some forms of sedation can trigger amnesia about the entire visit. This makes the entire experience that much more manageable!

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Bill H. Patient Review

Bill H. Shares His Experience

Every dentist I went to I experienced pain. After awhile what seeps into your mind is "I'm tired of having pain" and people talk about "well, they have anxiety" — I didn't have anxiety; I had fear, all capital letters. I met Dr. Rachel Barone, and it just clicked. She told me about oral sedation, and it's one of those trust factors that you have to give it a try. That was two years ago and she was able to keep my upper teeth.
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