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Natural Looking Tooth Replacement Options Restore Your Smile

It's Time to Enjoy Your Smile Again

If you are a denture wearer and tired of dealing with the stress and impermanence of dentures, talk to our doctors at Standley Shores Dental Group to learn about the latest tooth replacement options. Missing teeth can cause bone loss over time and denture wearers often suffer from facial deformities and gum issues with regular wear. Our doctors are trained to place dental implants and can perform a number of dental implant procedures that restore your smile with natural-looking results.

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are unique in that they are made out of three distinct parts. The base of the implant is made out of titanium and fuses to the jaw bone. The abutment connects the implant to a custom crown and everything is secured in place in a series of treatments. Since the implant is attached to the jaw bone, it cannot shift or move. Once it is fully integrated into the bone, it acts like your natural tooth root.

Permanent Tooth Replacement Options

We offer several dental implant procedures to restore your smile. These include:

Ideal for patients with some bone loss since four dental implants are placed around the jaw to support a fixed prosthesis.
Implant Supported Dentures
Ideal for patients who have lost all of their teeth, involves attaching a set of dentures to a set of dental implants fused to the jaw.
Single Dental Implant Restorations
Ideal for patients who only need to replace one tooth.

Permanent Tooth Replacement Vs. Removable Dentures

Removable dentures and permanent tooth replacement options both have numerous benefits but many patients prefer permanent solutions because of the stress and discomfort associated with removable appliances. Permanent solutions typically do not require touch up treatments or additional surgeries so you can enjoy results for a lifetime. As you review the treatment process for different procedures, also keep in mind that we offer sedation dentistry for those who are suffering from dental anxiety.

You can now receive dental implants and restorations from a family dentist, eliminating the need to be referred out to an implantologist, prosthodontist or other specialist. Schedule your consultation today!

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Jeff K. Patient Review

Jeff K. Shares His Experience

I was in a car accident in September 2012. In my car accident I had my jaw broken in 3 places and I lost about 8 teeth. I came to Standley Shores to get implants and a permanent bridge ... It's always fun to come in, which is kind of crazy to say because a lot of people don't usually like going to the dentist. I was more than happy to come back in because they are always smiling and happy. They make it personal — it's like a big family here.
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