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Missing or failing teeth and poor dental health can leave you struggling to bite and chew and feel embarrassed to talk, laugh, and smile. Whether you suffer from missing, broken, decayed, or severely worn teeth that have become unsalvageable, you may be keenly aware that your dental problems can cause changes to your appearance, a decline in your health due to limited food choices, and leave you with constant pain and discomfort.

No matter how many teeth need replacing, dental implants can restore oral health and give you a gorgeous, stable smile that lasts decades! Our implant dentists at Standley Shores Dental Group provide superior dental implant treatment plans to restore oral health and smile in Westminster, CO. We want to help you regain your confidence and quality of life with this permanent solution to failing and missing teeth.

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Three Parts,
One Seamless Smile

Dental implants are the most modern, permanent solution to restoring missing teeth and getting your self-confidence back on track. Full-mouth dental implants are so advanced that they only require three parts – a post; an abutment; and restoration – to replace missing teeth, making them the most versatile tooth restoration option on the market. By surgically placing dental implants into the jawbone, they provide unconditional support and stability to hold your new teeth in place, making your daily routine of eating, conversing, and smiling as simple as ever.

For a successful and long-lasting dental implant treatment, it’s crucial to seek the services of an expert dentist who uses advanced surgical technology to optimize your outcomes so you can enjoy your new smile for a lifetime. Our dental team are highly experienced dental implant providers who have handled various cases and utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials for the best results. With our expertise, we can help you experience a life of health, function, and confidence with dental implants in Westminster, CO!

Top 5 Mistakes People
Make With Dental Implants

Do you have all the information you need to make the right decisions about dental implants? Don’t make any of these five common mistakes. Our exclusive checklist will steer you in the right direction.

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Versatile Solutions for
Your Tooth Replacement Needs

Since dental implants are exceptionally versatile, they can support a single dental crown or a dental bridge to replace missing teeth in the same area. Full-mouth dental implants can replace all your teeth with strong, stable restorations that will look and feel completely natural. Dental implants can also be used to increase the stability of a modified denture for a removable alternative to our full-mouth dental implants. This implant-supported denture will snap securely to the implants placed in the jawbone to prevent shifting and slipping like traditional dentures. Single, multiple, and full-mouth dental implant options can withstand normal biting forces, meaning you won’t be limited to a soft food diet. In all cases, dental implants improve your ability to eat comfortably, feel confident in a complete smile, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

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Single implant

dental implant bridge

Implant Supported Bridge

implant supported denture model

Implant Supported Dentures

full mouth dental implants model

Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Dental Implants with
Standley Shores Dental Group

Dental implant treatments are such personalized treatments that we want to ensure we get every single detail correct. We’ll start with an extensive consultation with our team to discuss your medical history, dental concerns, smile goals, and how your oral health affects your daily life. We’ll collect detailed diagnostics and give you realistic expectations for your dental implant outcomes. With our advanced technology and training, almost every patient is a great candidate for replacing teeth with dental implants. Your dental implant treatment plan will be tailored to your needs and may include tooth extractions or bone grafting.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

When it comes time for surgery, we’ll administer your pre-selected sedation option and enjoy a completely painless procedure. Our dental providers will begin the procedure by making a small incision over the gum tissue to access the jawbone. Once open, four or six dental implant posts will be inserted into the jawbone to mimic a natural tooth root and provide a stable foundation for your brand-new teeth to connect to.

We’ll attach your temporary restoration and set up your next appointment. As your dental implants fuse to your jawbone over the next several months, you can enjoy all your favorite nutritious foods comfortably and enjoy restored smile aesthetics until you receive your permanent, custom-made full-mouth dental implant restoration. Once your mouth is completely healed, our implant specialists will place your final restoration, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your permanent smile for the rest of your life!

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

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Dr. Jeranko Talks About How With Missing Teeth, Dental Implants Could Be The Solution You've Been Searching For!

Superior Smiles with
Affordable Dental Implants

Single dental implants, implant bridges, and full-mouth dental implants cost more initially than other options. However, the life-changing potential of this superior method for tooth replacement is well worth the investment. As the closest thing to natural teeth, the higher cost of dental implants is immediately matched by the dramatic improvements to your self-esteem, oral health, and systemic health. We recognize these transformative effects which are why we do everything we can to provide affordable dental implants in Westminster, CO. We’ll file your insurance claim on your behalf and connect you with leading financing companies that can break your payment down into manageable monthly installments. You deserve a smile you can love for a lifetime!

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