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When it comes to missing teeth, it’s important to get to the root of the problem. Teeth can become loose, painful, and unsupported due to periodontal disease. They may be broken, have cracks, or are severely decayed. You may even struggle with a seemingly endless cycle of dental work and recurring dental problems.

As much as we hate to lose our natural teeth, today’s dental technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, making the process of replacing your teeth easier and more comfortable than ever. Traditional dentures may take several weeks and multiple appointments to be completed, leaving you unable to comfortably eat, smile or speak while you wait. Fortunately, Standley Shores Dental Group provides beautiful, functional same-day dentures near you in Westminster, CO so you can enjoy your dream smile in just one visit!

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What Are Same-Day Dentures?

With same-day dentures, also known as immediate dentures, you can embrace a swift and comfortable approach to tooth replacement, enjoying an enhanced quality of life and a beautiful smile without extended waiting periods. Whether you require partial dentures for a few missing teeth or full dentures for complete teeth replacement, the immediate denture process offers a quicker solution. Traditional denture creation involves tooth extraction followed by weeks of healing before mold-taking and design. This leads to an average waiting time of eight to twelve weeks without replacement teeth.

In contrast, our same-day denture process utilizes advanced digital diagnostics and design software, enabling our team to pre-design your denture. This allows us to place the denture immediately after extractions, eliminating the waiting time. Wearing a denture during the healing phase provides advantages, such as maintaining a normal appearance in public and promptly resuming regular function and speech. The immediate denture functions as a protective covering for gum tissue and assists in controlling bleeding during healing. Consistent dental visits are crucial for necessary adjustments as the tissue evolves over the initial months post-extraction. Thankfully, our on-site denture lab enables us to reline dentures on the same day as your adjustment request.

What Is Denture Stabilization?

For patients who already wear a denture but struggle with a loose fit that allows their teeth to shift, slip, and fall out, we can use the same-day denture approach and our in-house lab to adjust or fabricate new prostheses without leaving you toothless. In many cases, however, denture stabilization may be an even better solution! Our dental team will place the appropriate number of implant posts to give your prosthesis a strong foundation.

We can then retrofit your existing denture with snap-on attachments, giving you the benefit of a removable implant-supported same-day denture without the expense of an entirely new prosthesis. Denture stabilization will give you many benefits of an implant-supported denture, such as improved stability and retention. However, since your conventional denture was likely fabricated from lightweight acrylic resin, it won’t have the same strength and superior aesthetics as other implant-supported denture options.


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Same-Day Dentures Made Affordable

We want to help all our patients get the exceptional dental care they deserve. That’s why we offer a variety of treatment options that will address all your oral health needs with consideration for your lifestyle as well as your budget. Same-day dentures cost more than conventional dentures because the design process is labor-intensive and takes more time than the traditional approach. We understand that finances can sometimes dictate what treatments patients can pursue. However, we also believe your budget shouldn’t keep you from getting the care you need. That’s why we’ll help you maximize your insurance benefits and access third-party dental financing when necessary. We want to help you love your smile!