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Dentistry has made monumental strides in recent years, and our team here at Standley Shore Dental Group offers same-day dental implants to patients looking to enhance their smile without the wait. As a spin on the renowned dental implant  treatment, same-day dental implants allow our dental team and patients to bypass the waiting period and get patients smiling in just one visit!

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What Are Same-Day Dental Implants?

Same-day dental implants offer a solution for those who are frustrated with having to wait for months to get a dental implant after losing a tooth. The promise of getting an implant and replacement tooth in a single day may seem unbelievable, but it is feasible thanks to advanced techniques and technology. It’s important to note that the “teeth in a day” solution is not the final restoration. Rather, it’s a printed prosthetic that is attached to the dental implant while it heals. Despite this, the temporary solution can make a significant difference in your smile and quality of life by restoring your complete smile in a matter of hours, allowing you to continue with your daily routine and diet without any inconvenience while your final restoration is being made.

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Same Process Accelerated

The process of receiving dental implants has been revolutionized with the introduction of same-day dental implants. Previously, implant procedures required numerous appointments over several weeks, causing discomfort and embarrassment for patients as they had to wait for their teeth to be crafted before having a complete smile. However, our team’s specialized training and advanced technology allow patients to receive dental implants on the same day.

The process begins by thoroughly evaluating the mouth, gums, and teeth to determine suitability for same-day dental implants. Computer-aided design technology is then used to take a digital impression, which employs 3D imaging and computer software to create custom dentures. 3D printing technology ensures a highly precise 3D model of the mouth. Once the dental implants are prepared, our implant dentists expertly fit them into the mouth to guarantee a comfortable and secure fit. With our team’s exceptional skills and advanced technology, patients can now benefit from a more convenient and efficient process of getting dental implants, eliminating the need for multiple appointments over several weeks and allowing for a comfortable experience.

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Advantages Of
Same Day Dental Implants

One of the most significant advantages of our teeth-in-a-day repairs is their remarkable speed and convenience. Unlike traditional repairs, which can take days or weeks to complete, same-day implants can be done within a few hours, enabling patients to return to their regular routines with minimal disruption. Same-day implants are often less expensive than traditional options, providing patients with long-term cost savings. If you require a dental implant repair, our Standley Shores Dental Group team has you covered!

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